All Star…@Ruff,ruff

The American Flag

All Americans should be given this lesson. Those who think that America is an arrogant nation should really reconsider that thought. Our founding fathers used GOD’s word and teachings to establish our Great Nation and I think it’s high time Americans get re-educated about this …

He Aint Heavy, He's My Brother

“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them.” @Ruff,ruff        

Happy Mother's day to all….@Ruff,ruff


Believe, Achieve, Receive…@BKTY

Close your eyes and go inside, breath the air and clear your mind. Changing colors lead the way, not a thought to slip away. Search the darkness for a light, see the sunshine in the night. Inside-out is on display, a paradox that hides the way. A …

The Boxer….@Ruff,ruff

I am just a poor boy though my story’s seldom told I have squandered my resistance for a pocketful of mumbles, such are promises. All lies and jest, still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest, hmmmm When I left …

Kiss that Frog….@WMTQ

There once was a Frog King, who was king to thousands of frogs and they all lived in a huge grass hut, believe it or not! Now this Kings minions loved him dearly, and they would do anything for him so he didn’t need any …

Leprechaun spotted in my backyard….@Bol

The shamrock is a type of clover with three leaves. The most well-known meanings were imparted to the shamrock by St. Patrick, who compared the plant’s tri-part leaves to the Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Host Spirit. Occasionally shamrocks are found with four leaves. These …

Who will help save the world? @Ruff,ruff

Buster the Boxer T-shirt spotted in South Carolina

Way to go Peeps! Looking good! Shout out to Susie and Andrea….@BKTY