From Caterpillar to Butterfly

There’s a point, where most caterpillars think that they have died. They think life has ended.  When is that you ask? When that thing starts to wrap around them. Pretty soon the caterpillar gets wrapped in a cocoon, buried by all this stuff. And you know what?  If you were to open up that cocoon, the caterpillar is no longer there. There is just all this mush and goo and stuff. And most people, including the caterpillar, thinks it’s dying. But really it’s beginning to transform. Do you understand? It is going from one thing to something else. And pretty soon, what does it become? Exactly, a Butterfly.


Can the other little caterpillars on the ground see that this caterpillar has become a butterfly? Of course not! What’s the first thing he does when he breaks out of the cocoon? He lets the sunlight dry his wings and he flies. Is he more free or less free?


You see, it’s not for us to decide when somebody becomes a butterfly. We think it’s wrong, but I think God has a better idea when the right time is. Right now it’s Fall and you want it to be spring, but God has a differant plan. Sometimes we have to trust that God knows how to make butterflies better then we do.  And when we’re caterpillars, sometimes we don’t even relize that butterflies exist, because they’re up above us…but maybe we should just remember that they’re there…@Ruff,ruff

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  1. great website Buster

    • Thank you so much Darcy!! @BKTY

  2. Buster, this is an excellent post. We often want to ignore what a person is supposed to be and try to mold them into whatever we envision for them. I bet your aunts and uncles never dreamed you would be a famous dog model when you were born. :)

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