Buster the Boxer has gone International (Italy)

Thanks so much Isa! @BKTY

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  1. ..you deserve to be famous all over the world BB…u special Boxer Baby !!!
    Thanks for the smiles!!!

    • Thank you Isa! Thanks for being my muse…@BKTY

  2. Hello there Buster, me boyo! I’ll have 2 learn Italian now. U R 1 famous pooch. Bella fortuna 2 U! I know I messed up the spelling and the phrase. I was trying 2 say “good luck or fortune 2 U. Anyway, I’ll B back as the “Terminator” would say. C ya on Facebook 2. U’re #1 Fan, Barb :o )

    • Hey Barb!! Always good to see you poking around!! Have a great week! @BKTY

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