From Calendars to Bumpers…@WMTQ





6 Responses to From Calendars to Bumpers…@WMTQ

  1. I love all my Buster the Boxer stuff! And I can’t wait until Valentine’s Day to surprise all my special people with their very own Buster Boxer things!!! Shhhhh….don’t tell! But look for new pics!!!!<3

    • Thanks Susie!! Will do! @BKTY

  2. Buster, I purchased two mugs from your store. Your face wakes me up in the morning~
    Thanks for making people happy.

    • What a nice thing to say Mare! Much love to you! @BKTY

  3. Hi ya Buster me boyo. Just saw your post on your facebook page that you are running for President. Well, it’s about time! I’ve been wanting you to run for President since the very first day I joined your facebook group. You are handsome, intelligent, the most Patriotic dog in the whole U.S.A. All of the other candidates, including the “incumbent” are just plain old “dawgs” with nothing notable going for them, ESPECIALLY “the incumbent”. America isn’t going to the “dogs”. It’s going down the toilet, thanks to the “incumbent”. I’m with you all the way Buster.

    • Thanks so much Barbara! I’m Buster Boxer and I approve of the above message….@WMTQ

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