Kiss that Frog….@WMTQ

There once was a Frog King, who was king to thousands of frogs and they all lived in a huge grass hut, believe it or not! Now this Kings minions loved him dearly, and they would do anything for him so he didn’t need any slaves. This King had a hobby of collecting Thrones. He had hundreds of them, and he stored them all in the attic of the huge grass hut they all lived in. Every time he got a new throne that he liked better than the one he was sitting on, he would store it in attic along with the rest of his collection. Presently, he was sitting on a very large and ornate, Gold throne. This throne was very heavy and was also very cold and hard to sit on, so the King was hoping to add to his collection soon. Then, his best friend from a neighboring kingdom, CROAKED and left his throne to him in his will. After waiting an appropriate mourning period, the King sent some of his runners to pick up the throne. They soon returned with a beautifully carved, jewel encrusted teakwood throne which also had a padded leather seat cushion. WOW! He fell in love with it right away, and soon his people were trying to move the heavy old gold throne up to the attic with the rest of the collection. Well, it took hundreds of his people to push and pull this very heavy gold throne to the attic of this grass hut. As soon as they reached the top of the stairs the weight of the gold throne plus the rest of the stored collection was too much for the GRASS HUT and it collapsed, killing THE FROG KING and all his PEOPLE!……………


The moral of this story…




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  1. Bol….

  2. heehee hee Haf a gweat Saturday! <3

    • Thanks Snowball! You as well…@BKTY

  3. good story on frog

    • Ribbet, ribbet……@Bol

  4. you are too much!!!

    • You wouldn’t have it any other way Ellen…@WMTQ

  5. Where do you come up with this stuff? Very funny!

    • I got my sources Mary….@Bol

  6. Hi Buster my man. How are you this fine Sunday? I’m geting ready to go up in a hot air balloon. I just wish it had your picture on it. Thinking of you always. BOL!

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