On the Road with Buster the Boxer…@WMTQ

Well Peeps, it’s that time. I’m a Dog on a mission here.  With the help of my owner, Him and I are going on a road trip. Starting in Long Island , New York. We will work our way down the East Coast meeting with Facebook friends and keeping a blog of our meetings and adventures! I will be needing the help of my loyal human friends and much more information will be released soon.  Onward and forward…@BKTY

What I would like to accomplish here is to make my mark on the Dog world in a big way! I enjoy my interactions with my Peeps from Facebook and my website as well. I would like to travel and meet with as many humans as possible.  I will be Video, blogging and using pictures to tell my travels.  I am looking for help on all levels: Financial, advertising, connections, places to stay and by all means help spread the word. With today’s advancement in technology  and my Dog smarts, I’m sure will help further my goal to be “The most interesting Boxer in the world”  Any one with ideas, suggestions or looking to help, feel free to contact me. More to come soon….@BKTY


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  1. that will be veeeeery good , and the USA will finally ‘discover ‘ the best and only BusterBoxer . So sad I am in Europe :( ((((((((((((

  2. I am hoping you and your owner make it down to the Central Florida area! We definitely got room for ya!

  3. Good luck with your mission!!!

  4. Stop by to visit with your friends at Fassa’s Friends Boxer Rescue in Turnersville, NJ. We are located 20 minutes from Philadelphia/45 minutes from Atlantic City.

  5. Buster! Come to Dallas. I’ll introduce you to some bitches. You’ll have a blast!
    Love you Buster.

    • Now your talking! Bitches and bacon…@WMTQ

  6. We have room for Buster + Human when you get to Tri-Cities Washington :) Poke me on FB if I forget to check in with you. I’m bad about ignoring the computer these days. Love you guys!

  7. WoW Buster this is well good you are one lucky Boxer,,Cookie xx

  8. I love buster

  9. Wishing that you and the Big Guy come to Northern CA (San Joaquin Vallley), Buster. We are all “REAL PEOPLE” here, not like those democRATS. Looking forward to hearing all about your daily travels ‘On the Road with Buster the Boxer’. God speed!

  10. You are my every day, all day, entertainment! Love you Buster!

  11. @Ruff,ruff

  12. Hey Buster

    Hi and woof from Lori and Rocky We love your website it’s soooooooo cool We’re fom Passaic County NJ and our fun place is on the north fork of Long Island during the summer way out on the tippy top end

    Hope your having a great weekend
    Many Woofs
    See ya on Facebook

  13. Buster, you ARE the most interesting dog in the world! Looking forward to your travels, and if you make it out Montana way….let me know!

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