About Buster



Buster the BoxerWhat’s there to say about me? Besides the fact that I am handsome and fabulous…..well there is a bit more to me than that…. Here is the short version. I came to my pack, at about 5 months old. I ran away from a place that wasn’t very nice to me. I was in pretty bad shape with mange, a huge abscess, infected eyes, dehydrated and very under nourished. I was afraid and alone and any loud noises would scare me to death. The day that changed my life was the day that I was hiding in the bushes away from the rain and then I saw her….she was cute like me and looked like she might be my chance…she was eight years old and getting off a big yellow bus. She was heading towards the bushes I was hiding in….then it happened ………she opened the door to her house and I jumped from the bushes and into the house with her I went. My new pack took me in with open paws!! I was treated with so much love, kindness, compassion, all of which I am ever so grateful for. I immediately knew I was home and I was going to be OK. A few years have passed and things could not be better for me. I think the humans would say that I am very spoiled…however my owners love me so much they just wants me happy all the time. It seems that everything I do, puts a smile on my packs faces….really, it doesn’t matter what I am doing they just look at me and smile….I could just be sitting there and they call for each other to come and look at me, and then without a doubt someone comes to give me a hug. I have heard them say that I am quite the character. I love to go on car rides and long walks. I love, love, love my food. Did I say love? Don’t even get me started on Bacon (My fav). Snuggling and belly rubs are also high on my list! My owner tucks me under the covers before we fall asleep. (He snores, but I don’t mind).

One day my owner took a picture of me sitting in a chair and made a Facebook profile for me and the rest is history….It all took off from there and then progressed to a fanpage. I enjoy my photo-shoots and all the attention I receive. The Bacon treats don’t hurt either!

I also started my own personal “Texting acronyms”, I like to call them Busternese text.

Bol (Bark Out Loud)

WMTQ(Wagging My Tail Quickly)

BTYL(Bark To You Later)

BKTY(Buster Kisses To You)

MBFF(Mans Best Friend Forever)

ROFPOM(Rolling On Floor Peeing On Myself)


BYOB (Bring Your Own Bacon)

The picture that started it all…@WMTQ